KESU Radio

Lon Malapit

The Radio is an amazing medium that reaches the masses, especially while driving in traffic on  Kauai.  K-Iesu Radio gives our community another opportunity to find God, to learn about who He is, and to experience God's love through solid bible teaching programs and contemporary Christian music. I’ve experienced this myself from the beginning of my walk with God as a new believer until today.  This is why I have a passion for this ministry. The Lord used His Word being taught on Christian radio, and praise and worship music, long ago when I was a new believer, until today.

We are currently airing the teaching ministries of late Pastor Chuck Smith, Pastor David Jeremiah, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor John Randall, Pastor Bruce Baumgartner, Pastor’s Perspective with Pastor Brian Broderson, and Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markel.